1. midcan5

    CDZ SCOTUS Injustice

    If there is a hell it will be full of Supreme Court justices. Or is that corporate justices? 'Supreme Inequality' Makes A Case That The Top U.S. Court Has Widened The Wealth Gap 'The Supreme Court's Fifty-Year Battle for a More Unjust America' by Adam Cohen 'Injustices: The Supreme Court's...
  2. Marion Morrison

    Nestle, they'll take your water and make you buy it back.

    I do not like Nestle, they suck whole villages dry in South America and move on, all to sell their stupid bottled water. I don't buy it, ever. They're trying to take over yet another Florida Spring. They got Zephyrhills/Crystal Springs because it was privately owned by 1 family. "The crystal...
  3. S

    A populist tax proposal

    A populist tax proposal. Refer to federal revenue sources pie graph - Google Search Sources of federal government’s revenues, 3-year average 2009 – 2011. 44.21% Individual income taxes. 39% Social Security taxes, (employees and employers each pay 7.65% of payroll based taxes). 8% Corporate...
  4. cnelsen

    The view of US election from Scottish socialist party

    [Scottish First Minister Nicola] Sturgeon, making clear her own reliance on identity politics, praised Hillary Clinton’s defeated right-wing militarist campaign as “a major step forward for women in America and across the world.” According to Sturgeon, the corrupt corporate warmonger “is owed a...
  5. midcan5

    Rules for Covering Hillary

    This is why media has become so untrustworthy. Ever since corporations bought them out to promote the free market mentality that brought us the great recession, all you get from them is complete BS. When the brain washed write the news you get baloney sandwiches. Best to scour the net carefully...

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