1. Andylusion

    Critique of Kath Hochul's housing plan. So someone asked me what I thought of Kathy Hochel's housing plan, and I thought I'd give it a review. So I’m a conservative, and my view of Democrats, and my view of New Yorkers, is basically...
  2. P@triot

    200 years old and only ONE idea that entire time: have government control it

    In almost 200 years of existence, the Dumbocrats have brought one “idea” to the table: have government control it. Seriously, these people haven’t even been able to produce a second idea in two centuries. We all saw how the “Affordable” Care Act caused healthcare costs to skyrocket. Can’t wait...
  3. P@triot

    If you want to understand the left’s obsession with political correctness

    The left understands that political correctness is the complete and total control that the U.S. Constitution prevents them from assuming under all traditional methods. Once you surrender your 1st Amendment right to free speech, the left knows they have complete and total control. Up to and...
  4. MindWars

    Twitter initiates mass purge of prominent alt-right victory

    “This is corporate Stalinism.” Twitter Initiates Mass Purge Of Prominent Alt-Right Accounts Following Trump Victory Oh look the cry babies who can't handle no pampering, and now just as Hitler has done keeping press to only glamorizing him so nobody would know what was really going on within...
  5. MindWars

    Univ. of Northern Colorado students forced to use mandatory " Gender Neutral" language

    Univ. Of Northern Colorado Students Forced To Use ‘Mandatory’ Gender-Neutral Language More colleges around the country are launching “inclusive language” campaigns that encourage students to avoid everyday words and phrases that could possibly offend someone, somewhere—”hey guys,” “mankind” and...
  6. P@triot

    The New Deal

    There is simply no denying that "The New Deal" was the ultimate raw deal for the American people. It destroyed the U.S. Constitution and consolidated power into the hands of one person inside the Executive Branch. It was a return to the monarchy from which we fought to escape. Listen to the...
  7. anotherlife

    A winning Afghanistan strategy?

    The US has lost the war in Afghanistan. So, why doesn't the pentagon do this as follows. Tell the Pakistani Pashtun tribes to annex the Pashtun lands of Afghanistan, which is like a third of that country. Then the pentagon could tell the Kirghiz tribes to take the north, and declare the east...

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