1. toobfreak

    Replacing One Traitor With Another

    Political correctness is in full swing now as a school in the heart of the Confederacy changes its name from being named after a Confederate who tried to secede from the USA to a northern traitor president that tried to secede to the world. Now the school is named after a traitor who wasn't...
  2. American_Jihad

    PBS & C-Span on Civil War, wonder if antifa/left will go after them

    I tuned into c-span today and they had a show on the civil war, it's going to be a futile job to get rid of the Confederacy. That should keep the left busy for a long time, good luck now get to work... :whip: C-Span talking about the Confederacy PBS talking about the Confederacy Movies on the...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Johnny Depp goes full liberal and hopes to be first actor to assassinate a Pres. since J.W. Booth

    Liberals want black-only graduations, a day without white people, and now they apparently want the Confederacy to rise again.

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