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  1. Litwin

    " Russia " says US threatened to break into trade mission

    Look like its very tough time for Kremlin kleptocracy, maybe " Fancy Bear" has chosen the wrong computer for hacking? "Fires at Washington mission and San Francisco consulate, both ordered to close by the US, prompt speculation "Russians" were burning documents.... "Russia"’s foreign...
  2. I

    Arithmetics - the node way

    //a possibility// Visual pattern recognition module (that which identifies patterns in an image) + Some basic node connections: 1x1 → 1 | 2x1 → 2 | ... | 9x1 → 9 1x2 → 2 | 2x2 → 4 | ... | 9x2 → 18 1x3 → 3 | 2x3 → 6 | ... | 9x3 → 27 1x4 → 4 | 2x4 → 8 | ... | 9x4 → 36 1x5 → 5 | 2x5 → 10 | ...
  3. I

    Node data structure

    Node data structure (Lemme prime you a little bit: this is about the brain.) 1. Conceptual data Example: [Number space] 4 [Object space] leg animal [Attribute space] cute soft [Action space] move eat I think by now, most people...
  4. MindWars

    How to turn almost ANY object into a computer: Radical technique could lead to AI with human-like in

    Reservoir computing came from computer networks modelled on a brain A reservoir computer could be made from any number of materials It exploits properties of a material in its natural state to do a computation These could be better for artificial intelligence than existing computers Radical...

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