1. Frankenvoter

    Meme competition for Americanpriority

    For anyone here who makes memes, there's an event being held called which is gonna have people like Don Trump Jr. talking all things conservative and there's a competition running through monday by Contests - MemeWorld which directs you to send memes to...
  2. G

    CDZ Why competition among states are very important for prosperity?

    I used to be a hardcore libertarian. I think all governments are wrong. Now I greatly moderate my position. You can see what I think here, Why states, nations, provinces, cities, and villages should be run like a business? . I am now far more centrist than libertarian. Why? At that time I...
  3. anotherlife

    Thou shalt not kill?

    We know that every competition in life is undecided, until all but the last contestant are dead. This is true in business, as well as politics/war. So, why do we carry this imposition that thou shalt not kill? Is it because governments are very cleverly reserving the right to be the last guy...

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