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  1. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Circus is in Town: CPAC 2018

    The circus is in town and the head clown in in the center ring Midterm campaign Trump debuts at CPAC The president abandoned his talking points in his speech to conservative activists in favor of reviving greatest-hits lines from his campaign. Midterm campaign Trump debuts at CPAC Then he...
  2. L

    TRUMP, Boris Johnson as SCARY CLOWNS: media finally echoes half of the TRUTH

    Last Prophet's words from May 2016, last section added months later. Introduction 07-29-2014, the locked TRUTH's title: Fly Athens London for $49: EasyJet & Co psy-op: divert human catle from SLAUGHTHER First line reads: Downed Malaysia Airlines where previously choppers and fighter jets have...

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