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clinton corruption

  1. M

    More on the Amazing Clinton-Russian Uranium Scam

    "...the FBI's bust couldn't have come at a worse time for the Clintons as it came literally the day before Bill Clinton delivered a $500,000 speech in Moscow on behalf of a Russian bank with an interest in securing approval of the controversial Uranium One deal..." Of course, given that the...
  2. P@triot

    The Clinton Corruption Machine Unraveling

    Thank God for Judicial Watch and the work they do. This is indisputable proof that Bill Clinton pulled favors to have the government cover up evidence. FBI reveals existence of documents related to Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting after they tried to hide them
  3. MrMike

    Obama admin blocked FBI probe of Clinton Foundation corruption: Report

    If this is true...despite Trump or any campaign goals, there's little doubt the ongoing corruption and collusion within the executive branch of our federal government has rendered it practically illegitimate. All American citizens regardless of party should take note of this decline in our...

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