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  1. greatgardener

    Four season chicken coop - Keeping chicken safe during winter

    Hello, It's my set up for keeping my chickens during cold winter. Ideas and factors to consider. Tips ----> My all season chicken coop
  2. greatgardener

    Make a simple Chicken roost - Steps

    Hello, In my chicken coop and run, I made and installed wooden chicken roosts. Useful to know that is very easy to make. Steps : My Chicken roost Comments?
  3. greatgardener

    Hatching Chicken Eggs - Steps with automatic incubator

    Hello, I used for the first time my automatic incubator for hatching my chicken eggs. I got many pictures... useful for beginner. Steps ---> How to incubate and hatch chicken eggs
  4. greatgardener

    Urban Chicken Coop - Idea for a Lean-to Chicken Coop

    Hello, I built this hen coop for one of my friend. Design and material fit with home design. Ideas ---> Lean-to chicken coop Comments?
  5. greatgardener

    Portable Chicken Coop - Steps for building a Chicken Tractor

    Hello friends, I built this movable coop using an old car shelter frame. Picture steps ---> My chicken tractor Your comments? Frame...
  6. greatgardener

    Raising Backyard Chickens Topic - Your Chicken Coops

    Hello friends, This is a topic to share and learn about chicken coop and poultry. In my backyard I built many chicken coops. Pictures ---> My four seasons chicken coops Comments? Post yours!

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