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checks and balances

  1. E

    Does the Legislative Branch Have More Power Than the Executive Branch?

    Let me explain my thought process... I've relatively recently decided to get myself into politics and can't start college classes until the spring because of moving in a few weeks. Because of this, I've decided to start doing my own research so I don't seem like a total idiot when I do get into...
  2. S

    Trump, “checks and balances”

    Trump, “checks and balances”. Candidate Donald Trump demonstrated little regard for anyone or anything other than himself and what believed to be associated and favorable to himself; the president continues to behave and express himself in that same manner. He’s chosen to disregard some of...
  3. anotherlife

    Rights of the majority?

    What rights should a majority have in an electorate? In the US revolution and constitution, the rights of the majority is balanced with the Electoral College. In the French Revolution and constitution, the majority has absolute power. In all subsequent revolutions, the majority starts an...

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