1. Divine Wind

    Celebrity health advice, fake news and the Internet Age

    Paltrow's "Jade Egg" came up on last night's episode of "@Midnight" (as a joke, of course). Googling it, I came up with several articles, one of which is linked below. Besides the obvious inadvisability of taking health advice from someone just because they are a celebrity (and for no other...
  2. Auld Phart

    This is going too far

    another celebrity has passed on.
  3. Auld Phart

    Two Words, celebrity names version

    This version, instead of just random words, requires celebrity names. Names can come from politics, entertainment, sports, et cetera. such as Q E Queen Elizabeth R R Ronald Reagan, Roy Rogers, B R
  4. Anonymous1977

    Recommend a good film

    Recommend a good film and tell which genre it's from. Also a star in it if any known... -

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