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  1. Care4all

    No Kill Animal Shelters and your Veterinarian

    We had the sweetest, most calm, cool and collected princess cat of all time! And in comes this young stray whom I had been watching for weeks catching mice or something in this meadow tall grass area across the way... I won't go in to how she cleverly worked her way in to our household, but...
  2. Robert Urbanek

    UFOs, cats and laser pointers

    The elusive nature of UFOs reminds me of those videos in which cats chase a bright spot created by a laser pointer. Maybe pranksters are projecting images into our world from a parallel universe. We are the cats and the UFOs are the spots.
  3. Y

    My cat brought home another mouse ...

    My cat caught and brought home another mouse last night just before bedtime. I had taken him on his usual 10 pm walk around the neighborhood, where he gets to run around and get exercise and climb up and down trees. He loves these walks of ours because he knows he is safe with me and that the...

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