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canadian dumbasses

  1. F

    Trying & Taste Testing ALL TOP 5 Canadian Candy & Snacks RANKED WORST TO BEST ( Canada Day Episode )

    RUFFLES ALL DRESSED , HOSTESS HICKORY STICKS , CADBURY CRISPY CRUNCH , VACHON PASSION FLAKIE APPLE RASPBERRY , CHAPMANS TIGER PAW SORBET BARS , DARE WHIPPET MINIS COCONUT are all products from some very iconic Canadian brands. For this Canada Day I decided to showcase and try some of the less...
  2. cnelsen

    Canada wants us to know they are officially against Islamophobia

    Canada is a nation that hates America because America is much more famous than Canada. Its prime minister, the alleged bastard son of Fidel Castro, wears goofy hats and takes orders from George Soros. Canada is easily the most suicidal country in the West, and for the sake of mankind it would...

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