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  1. JGalt

    Trump campaign & RNC raised $125 million in the 3rd quarter

    $125M raised combined, $156M cash on hand, and $308M raised year to date. To put this into perspective, that's twice as much cash on hand as Obama had at the same point in 2011. John McCain raised only about $60 million for his entire presidential campaign, primaries and general elections...
  2. P@triot

    This is wrong

    I’ve called out the left for this many times (most notably the dirt-bag George Soros). I have to call out a Republican when they do the same thing. This is wrong. A Senator from Arizona is supposed to be a representative for the people of Arizona. So why are citizens of other states financing...
  3. O

    The Truth About Hillary Clinton

    Here are some articles for those of you who may be a little in the dark about Hillary's corruption over the years, providing you a window to begin your own research. articles on the podesta Email scandal and Clinton media bias; Clinton Email Scandal: Hillary's Hypocrisy And Media's Bias...
  4. P@triot

    KKK officially endorses Hillary Clinton

    The KKK raised $20,000 for Hillary Clinton's campaign, is officially endorsing her, and claims she is a "friend" to them. You'll have to read the article and decide for yourself if it's true (we do know that Senator Byrd was a member of the KKK and fiercely racist and Hillary did consider him a...

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