1. Dan Stubbs

    China bans Books.

    China is now pulling books they found that are in violation of the Teaching mode of "China can do no wrong", so books are being removed from the school system and being rewritten in the form that the Leaders find "Pleasing" . Kind of like they are doing in the USA. Funny how we are...
  2. joeblack81

    10 most mysterious books in history

    10 most mysterious books in history
  3. Gracie

    Anne Rice

    I had to laugh. I went to the library just for funzies and decided I would re read her Vampire stories...and much to my surprise, she has 2 new ones (2014) she has added to the Vampire Chronicles. Why did I laugh? Because she and I had a doozy of an email fight some years was after her...
  4. P@triot

    CDZ Five books to build a new society

    Glenn Beck had an interesting discussion last week. What 5 books would you use to build a brand new society? It can only be five. Here is my list: 1. The Bible (to build a superior moral foundation for the society) 2. The US Constitution and selected writings of the founding fathers (to build...
  5. HenryWallace

    Founding of the Federal Reserve

    I am reading "America's Bank, The epic Struggle to create the Fed" by Roger Lowenstein. I really appreciate the book's explanation of technical banking concepts and references to modern day parallels throughout. The long and winding road of the legislation is a great tale for history buffs in...
  6. MindWars

    Genderqueer identity book recommended for 7 yr olds

    'Genderqueer' identity book recommended for 7-year-olds - The Christian Institute Confusion It recommends terms including “cisgender”, “panromantic” and “genderqueer” and is described as “a helpful guide and discussion starter for children 7+” by the publishers. Commenting on the book, the...

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