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book of revelation

  1. The Original Tree

    COVID 19 Facts that Completely Confuse Lying Liberals!

    This is how The Globalist Godless Left Lies to you every day, like they lied to you about Russian Collusion, Uranium One, The Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama funding Iran, a Terrorist State in violation of US law by flying $150 Billion in cash on pallets to Ayatollah Assahollah, and their funding of Al...
  2. HaShev

    Ash Wed/ The Mark of the Beast

    When Constantine formed his one world religion now called Christianity (worshipers of an image of their perceived Christs), to hide their political power behind, he did so with his sign (mark) of death (power of the beast in Rev 1) "the cross", which was the sign of death predating the...
  3. HaShev

    TBN'S giant BUNGLE

    While interviewing the producer of an Imax Jerusalem film they were Claiming a Miracle happened in Jerusalem every year when they go into the tomb of Jesus and produce fire from heaven. BIGGGGGGGGGG HUGGGGGE Problem is that this is what they described in Revelation 13 as being the Anti...

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