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  1. Street Juice

    I'm halfway through the book, The Controversy of Zion, and it's blowing me away

    For more than a hundred generations, since that day when the New Covenant was enforced by Persian arms, and the people who had wept were compelled to sign it anew, a mass of human beings, changing in blood but closely or loosely held in the bonds of this Law, have carried its burden and...
  2. Octoldit

    Communism is the real threat spread by Bolshevism

    Bolshevism is the Zionist method of causing chaos within targeted regimes to overthrow it's leader. It's basically the Zionist way of stealing an entire government. Once the basic premise Bolshevism is recognized one easily see's color revolutions as the updated version of Bolshevism. Syria...
  3. Octoldit

    Putin Just Exposed The Plot To Destroy America

    The state/fake media is attempting to destroy America in more ways than one. The Zionist are using Hillary Clinton and all her cult members in a color revolution to try and derail the success of President Trump which will fail just like her campaign. Cultural Marxism has done more to destroy...
  4. Octoldit


    Note the imperiousness of Hillary Clinton and the pensiveness of Jesuit-controlled Bill Clinton and Jesuit-trained Tim Kaine of Liberation Theology fame. Clinton herself is looking up at the horizon at her future stolen [IMAGINARY] victory. The Purple Revolution Must Be Stopped Before It...

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