1. American_Jihad

    Blaspheme Against Islam

    So let's see now you can be tortured or put to death for blaspheme. I say "F" islam, now wtf are you going to do... THE DEVASTATING COST OF ‘BLASPHEMING’ AGAINST MUHAMMAD If the mob doesn’t get you, the “authorities” will. May 15, 2017 Raymond Ibrahim ... Other Christians accused of...
  2. L

    Sacrilege in End Times: foundation of illuminati anti-bible: Da Vinci Code for dummies

    Sacrilege in End Times: the foundation of the illuminati anti-bible So that you don't waste even a minute of your time reading "The Da Vinci Code" this is all you need to know: the reason for the title of its german version. Introduction The illuminati first stepped on stage as recognizable...

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