1. usmbguest5318

    CDZ It's not someone else's fault that you didn't "read the writing on the wall"

    The notion that it's someone else's fault because "you" didn't pay attention is absurd! When the world in which one lives changes, it's one's own obligation to pay attention and adapt so as to avail oneself of the opportunities wrought by the change(s). Modern computing capabilities became...
  2. P@triot

    How many excuses this time?

    The debate has already been settled by history. Progressive nations, states, and cities collapse. Conservative nations, states, and cities thrive. And yet - progressives always attempt to blame conservatives for their own failures. Take Detroit for instance. The ultimate progressive utopia...
  3. MindWars

    Listen: Hillary Clinton blames everyone but herself ( audio recording)

    LISTEN: Hillary Clinton Blames Everyone But Herself (AUDIO RECORDING) NEW YORK - An audio recording (listen below) has surfaced of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blaming Russian president Vladimir Putin and FBI Director James Comey for her loss to President-elect Donald Trump...
  4. northpolarbear

    Whether Something Could Have Or Would Have Occured If Some Way Or Not Is Irrelevant

    Whether something could have or would have occured if some way or not is irrelevant to how the blame 100% only goes to the culprits. The victim of a wrongfulness has 100% entitlement of rightful hatred against the culprits regardless of what the victim could have done & he shouldn't have to...

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