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  1. JGalt

    Where did the claim that Donald Trump is a "racist" come from?

    That's something I completely don't understand. What was it he did that caused people to call him a "racist"? The reality is, he has had a long history of doing good things for black people.. Let's put away the disinformation and look at some facts: "The Donald and “the Blacks” The Donald...
  2. Google_Yourself

    Five Police Officers Fired for Being White?

    5 Inglewood officers who killed couple in parked car say they were fired because they are white Five former Inglewood police officers who were fired after fatally shooting a couple sitting in a car have filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming they were discriminated against because they...
  3. Anonymous1977

    Assata Shakur's Political Asylum in Cuba

    I tried this topic in another forum but no one seemed to want to participate in the might have been better suited for this forum anyhow but people who don't know who Assata Shakur is can look her up online. She's a woman who has been declared a "WANTED terrorist" by our federal...

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