1. Sayaras

    Who hires such stupid people...

    From the "wisdom" of a BBC journalist...Helena Humphrey. And no. Churchill didn't warn Hitler before bombings.. ____ BBC news presenter asks: Did IDF 'warn the Palestinians' before hostage rescue. IDF spokesman says warning those holding the hostages 'would defeat the purpose' since the...
  2. FDR_Reagan

    Islamization/Arabization: 'MPs accuse BBC of stoking ‘global antisemitism'

    Looking up the issue, already in the 1970s, the BBC was accused of anti Israel bias. [Not unrelated to a grudge over losing palestine... in 1947] But last years it has been even anti Jewish. Islamicized hatred. _ MPs accuse BBC of stoking ‘global antisemitism’. Parliamentarians also accuse...
  3. FDR_Reagan

    BBC Editor aided Somali Islamic gang rapist

    Remember these scandals when they "report" on global jihad. Mary Harper.
  4. Sayaras

    NEW NAZISM: BBC's Queva: white people are “parasites” (she absolved Nazis - denied the Holocaust / slurred Jews w/ the N word)

    This is so typical of today's Nazis - non-White ones. Senior BBC worker, Dawn Queva, who denied the Holocaust (laced with Nazi Antisemitic canards some old lies - something about "Rothschild"), mixing in that Khazar debunked myth - typically of absolving Nazis' crimes - branding Jewish people...
  5. Sayaras

    Typical: Nazi-Arab "Palestinian" Hitler fan "journalist" utters N word on the victims

    This is classic demonic Israelophobia: BBC "palestinian" Hitlerist uttering the N word on her very victims of Nazism - past/present. Exactly like that infamous outcast racist troll. Who all know... (she also repeated that false flag bloodlibel). _ BBC's Gaza journalist Tala Halawa...
  6. FDR_Reagan

    SO RARE: BBC apologises for reporting a Hamas claim about IDF ‘summary executions' - LIE (Pallywood)

    Why doesn't the Biased BS Corp. apologize for everyday pro genocidis, pro ethnic-cleansing Jihad groups - narrative? ×#× BBC apologises for reporting a Hamas claim about IDF ‘summary executions’. BBC radio news bulletins reported Hamas’ allegation on Christmas Eve but the corporation has...
  7. Pastelli

    'BBC' interviews Hamas leader (s)

    'BBC' interviews Hamas leader A skit by Israeli satirical television show Eretz Nehederet, described by many as the "Israeli Saturday Night Live," has gone viral for a third week in a row. In the skit, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar gives an exclusive interview on BBC. He talks about the ceasefire...
  8. Litwin

    «Achtung RuSSia!» Polish TV compared Muscovy with the Third Reich, and Putin - with "Zyklon B"

    do you agree with Polish TV channel TVP ? i do . i hope that CNN, BBC and Fox will keep with this level... "Polish TV compared Muscovy with the Third Reich, and Putin - with "Zyklon B" Polish TV channel TVP Info demonstrated portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin, stylized logo of...
  9. AsianTrumpSupporter

    The commie faggots at the BBC pay their top male stars a LOT more than their top female stars

    BBC pays top male star five times more than top woman LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's public broadcaster, the BBC, pays its top male star five times more than its best-paid female presenter, it revealed on Wednesday after bowing to the government's demand to publish the salaries of its highest...

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