1. Eloy

    Putin aims to Divide and Conquer

    Vladimir Putin learned well as he trained to be a KGB agent how to find a weakness in his opponents and exploit it. An example is how he is managing the European Union parts of which rely on Russia for energy, such as Germany. He knows Germany and the Germans well, having been a secret agent in...
  2. L

    Austria: Hofer will win this time: Hitler, Brexit, Trump: parallel reverse scripts

    Austria: Hofer will win this time: Hitler, Brexit, Trump, Green Party: parallel reverse scripts Last Prophet explains the "world of repetition", past, present (this very day in Austria) and future. Reminder, 6 weeks earlier, the "world of repetition" was one of the KEYWORDS served together with...
  3. Maggdy

    Blackmail by the Austrian chancellor

    "The Government of Hungary rejects blackmail by the Austrian chancellor In a statement responding to Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann’s statement on Saturday calling for EU states which do not want to receive migrants to be granted less EU funding, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade...
  4. Maggdy

    European Rainbow News

    "Austria declares ban on gay adoption illegal. In January 2015, the Constitutional Court found the existing laws on adoption to be unconstitutional and ordered the laws to be changed by 31 December 2015 to allow joint adoption by same-sex couples. On 30 October 2015, the Justice Minister...

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