1. Pastelli

    Muslim youth in Germany say ‘First we cut the throats of the Jews, then the gays and finally the Christians!’

    A12-year-old boy came to me and said, ‘I hate you. “We’ll take the country back,” he smiled in my face.” Islamismus-Alarm: „Ein 12-Jähriger kam zu mir und sagte: 'Ich hasse dich'" Donnerstag, 09.11.2023...
  2. Street Juice

    Oh, how they will cry when they realize what they have done.

    You really have to be either evil, stupid, or ignorant to support this administration. A significant portion of Americans are all three. As I have been warning, they are neo-Bolsheviks. These people enjoy torture. Here's what that means, stupid Americans: The Red Terror in Russia, 1918-1923...
  3. cnelsen

    Asian homophobia? Christianity to blame

    Kim Tong Hyung, for the Associated Press, writes, "In conservative South Korea, gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people are harshly stigmatized and struggle to be politically visible, while a powerful Christian lobby immobilizes politicians seeking to pass anti-discrimination laws. That...

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