1. P@triot

    The face of the left

    The face of the left: Lilith Sinclair. The quintessential leftist. Can’t accept reality. Sex worker. Hates her own identity. Hates the United States.
  2. T

    Anti *pResident Ad

    This one gave me a chuckle. Take note, Democrats. ^ This is how you get under the gelatin like coating of the human shaped orange piece of shit.
  3. P@triot

    The left wants to watch the U.S. burn to the ground

    The facts speak for themselves... They assault anyone who doesn’t share their views They instruct law enforcement to allow violence and rioting by their side They encourage war on law enforcement They provide material support for foreigners invading the United States They permit the...
  4. Marion Morrison

    About H.W. "Bush"...

    Yeah, he was a mole/traitor from the jump. "Who was George Scherff? Who was George Scherff? Better yet, who was George H. Scherff, Sr.? There exists no legitimate record of a George H. Scherff being born in the U.S. from the late-1800s through 1925, yet, George Scherff was Nikola Tesla's...
  5. P@triot

    12 Steps to Destroy a Nation

    Scary. The left has been engaged in all 12 of these subversive activities... Washington Times op-ed details 12 steps ‘to destroy a society’ — and they’re happening now
  6. P@triot

    Progressive hate for the United States

    This outspoken progressive was “shaken”, “scared”, and “freaking out” over the American flag. Tells you everything you need to know about the left. Liberal comedian says she was ‘scared,’ ‘shaken,’ ‘freaking out’ when boyfriend flew American flag
  7. P@triot

    The left openly admits it

    I've said for decades that the left is anti-American to their bone. Their contempt for liberty makes it natural. They are finally starting to admit it... It's comical that they don't comprehend that communism is the polar-opposite of anarchy. :laugh: Antifa brags about being anti-America...

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