1. BasicHumanUnit

    Docket 02-278 Ringless VoiceMail Messages on your cell phone

    Docket 02-278 is an FCC initiative to get public feedback regarding RINGLESS VOICE MESSAGES on consumer cellphones. ECFS The FCC states that it will "consider" this when and if they make a ruling on whether or not the FCC will make it illegal to send Ringless Voice Messages to consumers...
  2. talkGov

    talkGov : Track, Chat, and Vote on Legislation in Real Time (Exec Orders + Bills)

    Available for free on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store! talkGov - Political And Legistlation Social Discussion app by #gopseudo talkGov is the first social political discussion platform! Stay aware in real time of what's moving through the United States Government...
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