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americans united for change

  1. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Donna Brazile corroborates Project Veritas story about Hillary hiring Donald Duck protesters

    ‘Kill the damn duck!’: Ex-DNC head Brazile describes clash over trolling Trump with Donald Duck costumes Hillary Clinton personally approved a plan to have demonstrators in Donald Duck costumes disrupt campaign rallies for Donald Trump — a stunt that triggered an angry confrontation between...
  2. cnelsen

    Dems pay provocateurs, Clinton (and media, of course) condemn Trump for violence

    A story out of Breitbart today details how Americans United for Change, a group that the Wikileaks email dump shows worked in tandem with the Clinton campaign, "bird-dogged" Trump campaign events. "Bird-dogging" is the use of Dem-paid provocateurs to incite violence at Trump rallies and create a...

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