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  1. KoolKolt

    Conservatives are to Putin as liberals are to Xi?…

    Why is it that in American politics, liberals liken conservatives to Putin and conservatives liken liberals to Xi? Conservatives are Russian bots and liberals are Chinese bots. Liberals seem to hate Putin because he is an evil dictator and “right wing fascist”. Conservatives seem to hate Xi...
  2. washamericom

    Clinton Sanders ticket very likely

    hey, that's the way the socialism ball bounces. Trump and Christie. that's pretty much it. let's get on with it before people lose interest.... heh.
  3. washamericom

    bernie sanders as a third party candidate.

    maybe Bernie is the first candidate to run as an independent, that pulls votes from the left. he's a wildcard, to be sure. Bernie Sanders Explains Why He’ll Never Run as Third-Party Candidate never say never B man. either way Vermont is proud to have him.
  4. washamericom

    the devil.... he/she'd be a republican, independent ??

    i was just flashing on hugo chevez's el diablo speech at the un. that got me to thinking, for those who believe in the devil, is he political ? is your god ? (i don't mean that flippantly). i'm not a fan of politics mixed with religion, at any level. remember this will very soon be an election...

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