1. The Original Tree

    The Left’s Green Religion Deception

    Do you really know what people in The Democrat Party believe in? Global Warming is a Religion. It is not a real existential threat to our planet. You won’t convince these people that the necessity of Eco Fascism is completely imaginary, but you can understand why they are fanatics. Explained...
  2. J

    Why not allow noncitizens to vote in New York City elections?

    . This question certainly focuses on a fundamental subject which deserves discussion and gets to the infectious worm at the root of the tree ____ noncitizens contaminating and directly influencing the privilege of voting in the United States. To put the question another way, if foreign...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Bob Lazar has a new documentary out about Area 51, UFOs, etc.

    Trailer: More about Bob Lazar: Do you think Bob Lazar is legit? I love hearing about stuff like this. I'm not convinced, but it's entertaining to listen to and think about.
  4. W

    Best Star Trek Acting

    I'm watching BBC America's Friday night Star Trek marathon and now the episode "The Doomsday Machine" which had the most brutally intense acting I've seen in sci-fi, any Trek or otherwise: William Windom as the mentally damaged Commodore Decker. He sold his utter pain and anguish so well, it...
  5. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Alien Covenant

    I love Alien, Aliens, and even Prometheus. I know a lot of people didn't like Prometheus, but I loved it. Alien Covenant builds on Prometheus and brings the story right into the xenomorph part of the franchise. Ridley Scott reportedly said that his only goal with Alien Covenant was to scare the...
  6. J

    Illegal entrants suing States to get driver’s licenses!

    . See: Immigrants without legal status sue for Georgia driver’s licenses ”A group of immigrants who are living in Georgia without legal status filed suit against Georgia’s Department of Driver Services in federal court Monday, accusing the state agency of violating their constitutional rights...
  7. J

    Ben Carson wants to share the wealth and legalize illegal entrants!

    SEE: Ben Carson: Borders Must Be Sealed to Keep Terrorists Out; Illegals Should Be Given Path to Amnesty ”He said there needs to be a way to “share the wealth and still maintain our borders, our integrity,” and he suggested that the “influx” of illegal immigrants would come to a halt if Latin...

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