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  1. Sayaras

    On Radical racist genocidal Arab-Islamic rally COLUNBIA U "We want Oct 7 every day"

    1. Qatar blood money buying University seats... 2. Arab immigrants - no vetting. 3. Fetterman is more moral than many... ____________________ Biden blasts ‘alarming surge of antisemitism’ amid anti-Israel protests at Columbia. Hillel urges Jewish students not to leave after rabbi tells...
  2. Sayaras

    Arab Qatar's two faces: exposing its terrorist core. [Al Jihad-Zeera, MiddleEastEye, TheNewArab, etc.]

    It also finances the pro Muslim Brotherhood, Middle East Eye MEE - based in London.. propagating for Hamas What oil money could buy... Duality of Qatar: unmasking its fundamentalist nature to reveal a terrorist identity. New report details how Al Jazeera's Arabic channel has served as regime's...

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