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agw swindle exposed

  1. Billy_Bob

    Dr Judith Curry Exposes the Climate Fraud.. Bad Science

    Dr Judith Curry Exposes the Climate Fraud.. Bad Science Now this is what I call a real wake up call to scientists who are pushing the scam.. We are prepared to expose your bad science and your biases to the world. there is no hiding any more... Its an excellent presentation and well worth the...
  2. polarbear

    Evidence of AGW data fudging and tampering

    First I invite you all to go to this link and download the emails yourself: Climatic Research Unit emails, data, models, 1996-2009 - WikiLeaks Unzip the file the open the file folder FOIA. Here is just one of the many examples of tampering fudging and outright falsification + suppression of...

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