1. deanrd

    Have Republicans taken the Mantle as the Party of the Sexual Predator?

    Republicans screamed about Bill Clinton getting a BJ from an adult woman who said she seduced him. It was discovered that Gary Hart had a mistress. John Edwards mistress had a baby. Anthony Weiner sent out pictures of his underwear. Eliot Spitzer visited hookers. For years, Republicans have...
  2. SYTFE

    Serious Question For the Conservatives Here Who Voted For Donald

    Something I never saw much of over the past year was discussion about Trump's blatant admissions of affairs with married women. I find this interesting, and it makes me wonder -- is adultery a conservative value? For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here's Trump admitting to...
  3. P@triot

    Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned....

    Yikes! This guy would be wise to stop his adulterous ways before he ends up dead... Woman Goes to Incredible Lengths to Stop Husband From Cheating — Now She Faces Six Months in Jail
  4. anotherlife

    Traditional Chinese law about adultery.

    Is it true that Chinese law states, that when a man is proven to have committed adultery against his wife, then he gets castrated? Plus not only that, but also Chinese castration cuts off his dick too? I have heard about this recently, and I wonder if you knew this. Does this explain why...

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