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  1. Fort Fun Indiana

    Cool malware link, USMB!

    One of the ads featured in USMB's banner at the top of the site is a malware link. Here are two versions, one of which was featured at the top of the page as I created this thread: Users beware!
  2. Litwin

    Twitter bans ads from "Russia" Today and Sputnik over election interference

    Finally the Free world, starts to do something against Kremlin thugs (mafia) . Will the Trump follow the Twitter lead? Twitter bans ads from "Russia" Today and Sputnik over election ... News, sport and opinion from the Guardian's US edition | The Guardian › Technology › Twitter -...
  3. Compost

    Honey Maid Wants Americans to Be More Tolerant, Accepting

    I think Honey Maid should stick to selling graham crackers and spare us the lecture on tolerance. Honey Maid, the breakfast cereal brand, has launched a new ad campaign, urging Americas to be more accepting of one another, "whether people are of a different race, sexuality, if they are...

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