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  1. Frankenvoter

    Ed O'Neill talks "Marcy Darcy"

    I found this interesting, it has Bearse for the first minute or so then has O'Neill for the majority of it, listening to why he and David Faustino weren't invited to the lesbian wedding of Bearse was hilarious
  2. Frankenvoter

    Regarding the re-virgining of "Radar" on M*A*S*H*

    I do odds and ends topics alot and this is one I've been thinking of throwing out there. If I was Gary Burghoff I know I would have hated it, I can hear it now: "you're an actor, so go out there and act you piece of shit" (I don't know if those exact words were spoken but I have a hunch the...
  3. L

    Why well known actors play top politicians (erry to Romney, McCain) and popes (Francis to Ayatollahs

    Why well known actors play top politicians (Osama, Biden and Kerry to Romney, McCain) and popes (Francis to Khomeini and Khamenei). Politicians Osama Bin Laden, Biden and Khamenei Osama Bin Laden is played by a well known actor: the ethnic indonesian "married" to a black transvestite playing...

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