a mad tea-party and a mock turtle's story

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    Hillary Clinton's greatest strength is undoubtedly her ideological opponents. Part Two

    part two: Tweedledee meets up with Tweedledum During the third RNC sanctioned presidential primary debate hosted by CNBC, the viewing public was witness to surrealism come to life. We've learned the GOP as a whole seems to agree with the statement of Senator Marco Rubio that “The Democrats have...
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    The American Voter and the Looking Glass World of Presidential Politics in the 21st Century

    part one: Tweedledee There was a brief moment during the televised, House hearings of the Select Committee on Benghazi, where I sat stunned, on the edge of my seat, thinking "Was that a White Rabbit that just ran across my screen?" and "Have I been eating Magic Mushrooms?" Secretary Hillary...

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