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    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan formally re-converted Istanbul’s sixth-century iconic Hagia Sophia into a mosque, hours after a high court annu

    His party does have a religious base, although it's not as bad as ISIS or Saudi Arabia. Now if he wasn't such a dictator...
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    Steve Bannon is a traitor about to be indicted by the FBI.................... Naturally Bannon backs Biden the Chinese pet politician

    I don't like Steve Bannon, but to say he supports the Chinese Communist Party is ridiculous. He doesn't even really fully back Biden either, he just supports Biden's "Buy American" idea.
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    I Hate Sean Hannity...

    I can't stand Guns 'n Roses, I just change the station instead of thinking about it though.
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    If masks are needed why isn't everyone not wearing one dead?

    Face it, you're incapable of thinking for yourself, that's why you wanted Fauci or the CDC to tell you about masks. But you really prefer Fox News to do it, and you lied about caring about the CDC or Fauci to begin with. If you were suspecting you had COVID-19 and were wondering if you should...
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    If masks are needed why isn't everyone not wearing one dead?

    He said it wont protect much from getting the disease, the clip did not mention anything about sick people wearing it, that it would help not spread the disease. That was not what the clip was about. But besides that, why would it matter? You hate Fauci and wouldn't care about his opinion to...
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    Bolsonaro has got the "fake" flu

    Nope, he kept saying it's nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if he staged the whole thing. Or maybe he has it, but that wouldn't exclude him from possibly lying about the hydroxychloroquine.
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    If masks are needed why isn't everyone not wearing one dead?

    Well, you're obviously lying, I don't see what the CDC has to do with a question you would need to pose a doctor. And if you didn't get tested, how do you know what you had? I might have also had it, by the way.
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    Buffalo to return to Britain

    European bison is a different species than the American one.
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    If masks are needed why isn't everyone not wearing one dead?

    Yes, there are a lot of f^ck up doctors in the US, and a lot who prescribe opiates, or even misdiagnose as mental illness to prescribe them. And a lot of people who visit the doc needlessly. That's not the topic though. On the other hand, you must be pretty proud that you could have given...
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    Political Cartoon

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    Political Cartoon

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    Political Cartoon

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    Political Cartoon

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    This very well might be Trump’s dumbest attempt at a full sentence

    You think he's worse? I dunno guys, this is what he said last year.
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    Alabama students hold Kung Flu parties with prize for first sick person

    A chance to get sick if they visit him or her.

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