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    After her toaster oven caught fire, Ontario woman was told by Whirlpool to take it up with a company in China

    I don't think any company would pay you for damages to the kitchen unless you prove that it was their product which caused the damages, which would invariably require you to go to court, unless you provide them with extensive information and they go ahead and investigate (which I don't think is...
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    I didn't know Trump was a super hero!!!

    He hates facial hair. Officials say Trump was hesitant about hiring Bolton because of his mustache
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    If True This Changes the World... Jong Un might be Dead

    That's interesting, but I'm not sure it means anything. This all reminds me of the time Putin didn't go out in public for about 2 weeks and a lot of people speculated that he was dead.
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    Political Cartoon

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    My Friends! We have an FDR-era-style crisis. we need an FDR-like president. that Joe Biden!

    We got a 19th century type politician as POTUS instead.
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    So Putin wanted Trump to win because of this?

    No, it's a Russian troll talking point. Here's your chart. According to your link to the CDC, total deaths 2017-2018 61,099 2019-2020 34,157 The first figure was worse than any year under Obama. But I dont't think it's a good comparison, hospitals don't have trouble keeping up...
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    France, A strange smell of sulfur, felt throughout the Ile-de-France this Sunday evening

    Paris is a really polluted city, or maybe was, because I don't think there is as much traffic now. Maybe with less cars you start to notice other smells.
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    Mike Pompeo

    I don't really care about his weight, but I did think the jokes were funny. I care more about the lies coming from his fat lips.
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    Political Cartoon

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    Political Cartoon

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    Political Cartoon

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    Political Cartoon

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    So Putin wanted Trump to win because of this?

    Wow, you're desperate. You speak like tru Russian troll!

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