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    Resolution introduced to expell Nancy Pelosi from the house

    Actually it's only Medicaid expansion which most/many doctors don't even accept!
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    The myth that Columbus committed genocide. More left wing attacks on our traditions.

    I'm the biggest Trump supporter around but even Columbus' own PARTNERS and FAMILY had him arrested and taken back in CHAINS to Europe due to his atrocities against the Natives! He even personally killed more people than Hitler ever did! In 1493 Columbus returned with an invasion force of...
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    Why Trump will likely win in 2020

    President Trump BETTER be re-elected because Democrats HATE America and are doing everything they can to turn America into an OPEN borders, European style, SOCIALIST state!! This is AMERICA not Europe!!
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    New Poll: Trump Is KILLING It!

    And when the Democrats controlled the House, had 60 votes in the Senate, PLUS had Obama in the White house they did NOTHING about that! :laughing0301:
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    Gilli Bails Out

    Because the Democrats have been brainwashed by FAR left zealots which is going to get President Trump re-elected! :RockOn:
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    Gilli Bails Out

    Now she can go back to her Pornhub page! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Oh My...LOLOL! Lawrence O'Donnell Admits 'Error In Judgement' For Conspiracy About Trump And Russia

    Idiot, demented, DELUSIONAL liberals will make up any GARBAGE just to try to DESTROY our President! They're simply CRIMINALS who favor ILLEGAL aliens over American CITIZENS!! For this reason, among others, President Trump MUST be re-elected!!
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    Presidential Poll: Trump vs. Warren

    The very first Hillary vs. Trump poll after she got the nomination was Hillary at 59% to Trump at 34%!! A 25 point lead for Hillary yet look how it turned out! :iyfyus.jpg::laugh::laugh2: :welcome:
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    Democrats rig Tulsi Gabbard right out of their next debate

    Are you nuts?? An ALL female ticket would get DESTROYED!! So let's hope they do it! Whatever it takes to secure Trump's re-election! :beer: :party:
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    Presidential Poll: Trump vs. Warren

    In light of Elizabeth Warren's rise in Democratic primary polling I thought we should have another poll. Elizabeth Warren is SO extreme far left with her promoting OPEN borders, healthcare for ILLEGALS, rampant socialism, and ATTACKING our law enforcement & border security it's CLEAR she wants...
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    Presidential Poll: Trump vs. Biden

    Time for another Bumpasaurus!
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    Kamala Harris Threatens Trump Supporters...Once He's Gone We're Coming For YOU NEXT!!!

    Kampala is a delusional PSYCHO who's BOMBING in the polls and she won't win a SINGLE state! She'll drop out soon after the primaries start so she's saying something shocking and ILLEGAL to get attention because her campaign is HISTORY!!
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    Presidential Poll: Trump vs. Biden

    He's got Diamond and Silk & Candace Owens. Candace Owens is really good. Plus he has those black pastors.
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    Presidential Poll: Trump vs. Biden

    Love it! I'll be following your posts till the election buddy! :th_thgoodpost: :11_2_1043::beer:
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    Suburban Women are Turned Off by Trump's Rhetoric

    And Democratic TRAITORS are now the party of ILLEGAL aliens!!

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