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"Really dig"my drums, building with rocks, building a delicious classic Chevy I've owned forever....Not a lick of rust and most parts factory new. I even bought a truck for my truck, that's how much I love my truck. Retired for my 55th B-day, this December. Still throw a football as god intended despite my small stature and age. Didn't play formal ball because I'm a rebel by nature. So much so my formal education reaches the 4th grade. I run rings around my college educated colleagues, generally because most majored in "liberal arts" yet half can't even write. Our ed. sucks, I've seen it fail even engineers in my field of math and logic. Love and hate all types of people, regardless of the race card, women card, or any other (*&^(* card played. Non-partisan, but have grown to detest liberal rhetoric , PC, and this Demonstration of Democrat administration proved to be more corrupt than any in U.S .history, featuring a candidate more corrupt than any in history. Some call our society in progression. At the rate we're going, our legacy will be fakes.

Update: I registered Republican. Progressive doctrine did the Democrats in, I don't figure they'll ever recover. Anyone short Jesus Christ himself, I cannot bring myself to support the Democrats, even if their candidate is the better of the two.

Still working on the money pit. Installed landscape into my ex-wife's yard during the spring to fall. Maybe 200 hours for beautiful landscape front to back, shelves in the garage, etc. Our boys helped and she as well, though I did 80%. Not sure why I never attempted the business. Would cost 50K for professional & they wouldn't come close to the quality. Didn't charge a nickle. After 32 years, I figure I owe it to the dogs:04:.
U.S.A. gone wild
Lose the alarm clock come December


Progressive is an ideology of intellectual dishonesty, hatred, projection, authoritarianism, censorship and propaganda. Liberalism created music, comedy and Hollywood. Progressives have nearly destroyed them.

The progressive playbook was written in 1963. They didn't write it, but it was undeniably adopted. See for yourself, search for The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. Winston Churchill.




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