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    Why I don't believe the MSM when it comes to COVID!!!

    I support wearing leather gloves. But obviously masks do absolutely nothing except increase the chances of infection to the user and non-users since the exhaled air is loaded with germs acquired from handling the mask. Ever notice how a "celebrity" periodically says they had it and to "wear a...
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    Joe Biden

    Since Israel is the primary democrat element, maybe send them to them, so Israel can send them back for not passing the racial test.
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    2nd round of Covid 19 Stimulus USA

    Easy way to revive the economy. Put Tiny Tony Fraudi in prison for fake advice. Put Pence in prison for hiring Fraudi and the Scarf Lady. Put Obama and all his henchmen in prison for treason. Then inform the country and the world the Kung Flu is less dangerous than a typical seasonal flu...
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    Oprah Winfrey as a 'Fraud' Provoking an Increase in Hostility Between Blacks and Whites

    The grotesque beast had her hair straightened to look non-Negro. How much did that cost per treatment and if those are not hairs Blacks weave into Afro stubble, why doesn't the beast make that available for all Blacks? Half of Blacks rage is they do not look like Europeans and the other half...
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    Anthony Fauci Says He’s Hired Security To Protect Daughters From Death Threats

    Fraudi should be tried for treason and domestic and international terrorism His relatives should not be subject to committing the same crimes he did. Fraudi is NOT the top expert in anything except propaganda. Research Fraudi. Watch him giggling with Pelosi and other Deep State scum about...
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    What if a COVID vaccine is required to return to Work/School?

    I never took the seasonal flu vaccine. There is no chance I would take vaccine that would allegedly address a less potent flu than the seasonal flu.
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    Us Economy statistics CBO 2012 through 2016 , Natioanl Disease Center and the Wall Street Journel

    Jim, what is your native language? Type your rant and I will cut and paste it into an online translator. Thanks in advance.
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    Masks are like a condom. After 3 minutes, they are filled with shit you would rather not discuss.
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    Days after recommending masks, Trump tweets anti-mask video

    Masks are basically for retards. Is it a surprise facemaskers attack normal people? That said, every American boy is taught by his father how to throw a baseball. Fauci is a fraud and a fucking douchebag.
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    Northern Europe vs Southern Europe on the way people look?

    Parker99, obviously EVERYONE on Earth wants to look like northern Europeans since they are the best looking people on Earth. Nowadays since the borders are opened by jewish folks who attained political power because it is racist not to vote for them, the epidemic of brown scum from the middle...
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    Brilliant African American Says Blacks Never Made ANYTHING...ever.

    The next governor of New York needs to change the name of the Tappan Zee Bridge back to the Tappan Zee Bridge instead of invoking the name of the Sfachime.
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    Brilliant African American Says Blacks Never Made ANYTHING...ever.

    But that does not mean they can wake up and try to contribute to humanity.
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    How To Mitigate - the buzzword of the year - Violence in Black Dominated Cities

    I have seen so many videos of Blacks lying to very tolerant cops, and then attempting to kill cops who tried to help them, it is a fucking epidemic. Blacks Lies Matter. Fuck nasty ass, ugly as fuck, low IQ idiots who do nothing but live off welfare and commit crime which is most democrats...
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    Miami issuing citations for not wearing a mask

    Exactly. The Sfachime (the New York Governor) actually is churning out "Executive Orders" as to what constitutes a meal at a bar. The Rhode Island Governor is not allowing citizens from neighboring states to visit the beaches.

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