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    Who is better to rebuild US economy, Trump or Biden? (poll)

    Yep. The one thing the bush league never got, and the magats still don't get. You can't build the economy fast. That's what creates bubbles, that crashes it in the first place. It has to be slow, and steady, as was done under Obama, and Biden. Trump was on his way to crashing it again before...
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    We Need To Speak Honestly About The GOP's Evolution Into A Conspiracy Cult

    I do wonder what Limbaugh thinks of what he has created, and I wonder if he feels any guilt over it. Not a chance. Limbaugh is the grand dragon of the modern day KKKGOP.
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    We Need To Speak Honestly About The GOP's Evolution Into A Conspiracy Cult

    One of the challenges in analyzing modern American politics is accurately describing the Republican Party without seeming unserious and hyperbolic. Unfortunately, the modern Republican Party’s abdication of seriousness, good faith and reality-based communications or policy-making has stretched...
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    I hope Biden picks Dr. Susan Rice for VP

    No, Republicans lied. Using dead bodies to push a political agenda is a decidedly conservative move. You’re still doing it now. You people are unAmerican as hell. But fortunately, real Americans are retaking the country,
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    Biden ahead by 11 points: Quinnipiac Poll

    Trump hasn’t done anything. That’s why he looks even worse now. He inherited Obama’s recovery And has now oversaw the worst unemployment numbers since the great depression He watched 3000 Americans die his first year in office from a natural disaster, and did nothing. He exploded the debt...
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    What We Have Here My Friends Is By-The-Book-Gate

    In summary here is what we know about Obama’s actions: He had a meeting with his intelligence team where he was briefed about Gen. Flynn’s back-channel conversations with a country that had committed an attack on our elections during his watch. At the meeting he is told that some of Flynn’s...
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    By every metric that matters, America is better on Trumps watch.

    By every metric, Trump is the worst, and most corrupt President in history.
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    Obamagate? Exactly what crime did Obama commit?

    He didn't. This is the latest distraction from his continuing failure as President. This will distract the magats from the 100,000 dead on his watch from a pandemic he failed on. To add to his totals. Including the 3000 dead Americans in Puerto Rico from hurricane Maria he failed to help. By...
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    Michigan Gov Gretchen: I Run This State

    Yes. She does. And she’s popular with a majority of her states citizens.
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    New Documentary Reveals Jane Roe's Late Life Conversion Was An Act Paid For By Anti Choicers

    It’s currently being advertised all over cable tv. And once again you come off looking like the dumbest sob on social media. Imagine just how stupid you’re going to look the day the show broadcasts? I’ll be back to discuss the ratings with you after it airs.
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    Bill Gates Busted by FDA, Coronavirus Testing Shut Down

    Several different bio firms, and universities around the world are currently working on vaccines with grants from the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation. Thread fail.
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    Trump announces executive order aiming to make hundreds of deregulations amid coronavirus permanent

    You do know that executive orders are not permanent right?
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    New Documentary Reveals Jane Roe's Late Life Conversion Was An Act Paid For By Anti Choicers

    You might think the most seismic fake conversion of all time was Donald Trump pretending to be a pro-life Christian conservative. (If you sprinkled holy water on him once a fortnight, the resulting chemical reaction could likely provide cheap, renewable energy for a mid-sized American city.)...
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    Billy the Bagman's duplicity has convinced Trump supporters, but will it convinced the judge?

    The case needs to be dismissed without prejudice

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