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    Give Hydroxychloroquine a Chance

    Just like an athiest in a fox hole, if they have covid they will beg for cloro
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    nra Lays Off More Than 60 Employees.

    Asshole. No one has promoted safety, training, proper handling, competitions more than the NRA
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    Tim Send of the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma

    Anasazi were "ancestral Pueblos" 200bBC to 1500 AD basically. Kinda dissipated and became Pueblo, Hopi... Good info. The Anasazi Indians are well known for their cliff pueblos
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    The ***CDC***Provided Saddam Hussein Biological Warfare Agents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I read Plum Island too, couple months ago. Good read. I was born in CT, Naval base. Lived 20 mi from Lyme where Lyme disease originated. Been there 40 years or more. Deer ticks. Deer have been on plum island and swim the sound. I've also fished both sport and commercial (lobsters), also...
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    Well looks like people who dont file taxes using direct deposit wont get a check until August

    Yeah, hit me later. At $150K it begins to get reduced think it is?
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    Thankful for Visa Purchase Alerts, someone tried to make a $100 purchase on my card tonight but it was declined

    Not a bad idea at all. I may get rid of my debit and get a prepaid. my savings is also connected to my bankcard, in case of overdraws. Too much in saving is a huge risk.
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    Who else bit the bullet and cut their own hair?

    I haven't cut my hair since 2001. Bonus, don't need TP
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    Big Model Airplanes......

    RC subs are awesome. I have seen people can do anything with RC heli, I can't! If it controls like a real one with collective, pitch I'm gonna crash. Coaxials I can fly easily. Had a RC sim before. Was so cool. Try to fly any heli, crash, set reset and try again. Looked up a "real flight sim"...
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    My mom is being hospitalized with the COVID -19

    Prayers on the way Rocko
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    Casting your own bullets

    Lead bullets + Glock = Glockabooms
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    Breaking News Sanders Quits

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    People can argue numbers and data until they are blue in the face

    No. One sells beer though.
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    good news

    Crap, click bait again. I saw "good news" and thought maybe you were terminal and had a week left.
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    This should make Greta Happy

    She's hiding. Thinks she had covid.
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    Chinese Communist Party burning virus victims while they are still alive

    It's BYOB Bring your own buns and mustard.

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