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    Disappointing News for Democrats Today

    I hope you're right but I think there will be another big dip in late May or early June.
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    Hate the New Bloomberg TV Format

    They were back to their usual format today, 4/1. Either the new format was an April Fool's Joke sprung a day early or they had a flood of complaints and switched back. Unfortunately, the format reversion didn't help the market very much.
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    Hate the New Bloomberg TV Format

    I usually tune into the financial TV channels several times a day, alternating between Bloomberg and Fox Business News. This morning, 3/31/2020, Bloomberg had a new format on the screen. Where the old format was easily read, the new one is very cluttered and the essential numbers are too small...
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    Zero Interest on 13-Week T-bills

    When one of my 13-week T-bills rolled over last week, the replacement only paid 0.29%. I had moved my savings account money into T-bills last year because the credit union is only paying 0.30% interest. This week's auction was a shocker; the interest rate is zero! Even so, they sold about $56...
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    Death of the Dividend

    Today's (March 26) online Barron's has an article about companies that are trying to save their dividends.
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    Gov. Cuomo for President?

    I see Governor Cuomo giving news conferences very frequently these days. He does a good job, answering questions without the usual waffling that politicians do. I get the impression that he's positioning himself for a 2020 presidential draft if Biden goofs up too badly, or at least for a run in...
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    Foolproof recession indicator is glowing red

    The DJIA, S&P, and NASDAQ futures showing on Bloomberg are all down about 4% but those numbers are from the Friday close. We'll have to see what happens when the futures market opens again at 6:00 Sunday afternoon.
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    Worst Pandemics In History

    I'm not sure why, but that reminds me of General Turgidson's comment in "Dr. Strangelove": "I'm not saying we wouldn't get our hair mussed. But I do say no more than ten to twenty million killed, tops! Uh, depending on the breaks."
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    Foolproof recession indicator is glowing red

    I had about 20% of my self-managed equity investment funds in cash a few weeks ago. I was doing OK buying on the big dips and selling the next day on the rebound, occasionally buying small portions of stocks that I'd been watching for a while as loner term investments, but I'm pretty much out of...
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    Hedge with Gold?

    I started buying junk silver before Y2K and have been adding a few rolls every couple of years. I buy old coins, Mercury dimes, standing liberty quarters and halves, coins from before they debased the coinage. If things get really bad, maybe I can trade with the locals for necessary items. I...
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    Hedge with Gold?

    I see gold dropped significantly. Is anyone buying a bit, just in case we have another crash?
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    What, if anything, are Market pros thinking?

    Seems like a lot of people expect another big crash sometime in the next two months and are willing to pay that premium.
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    Is now the time to buy

    I bought 200 shares of American Airlines on the Monday swoon, thinking it would probably turn around in six to eight months, but it was up today (Tuesday) so I sold for a 15% profit. Just a small speculation with funds I don't need in the near future, but it's nice to hit a winner like that once...
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    Funeral Business TV Today

    I turned on Bloomberg TV this morning and noticed that the morning lady was wearing a black dress. They cut to the morning man and he was wearing a black suit. When I switched to Fox Business News, again the lady wore a black dress and the man a black suit. They interviewed two guests, both of...
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    Dont like crime?? $17/min wage would stop most of it

    $17 per hour is about $35,000 per year for a full time job. Drug dealing earns multiple times that amount without the pressure of having to get up early and be at work on time. However, a regular job has a fringe benefit of not being shot dead by the competition.

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