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    Wesley Hunt another one of many young black republicans running for office

    There is a simple reason for that. If someone votes for Trump they are no longer black. Did you not notice that Biden assured us of that? There are other blacks on this board repeating the same. Once you decide not to vote democrat your skin magically changes color.
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    One year from now in Minneaopolis

    And they wonder why normal people laugh at them
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    Signs of tRump's failing popularity

    Now that improved job numbers are coming out, stock market is rising I think democrats are going to have a very hard sell. Anyone remember the left screaming about how everyone at the lake party was going to die because? Not one new case. Imagine what those job numbers will look like when that...
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    Wesley Hunt another one of many young black republicans running for office

    But according to the left and especially the leftist colored not only are there no minority republicans but if such a thing happens they magically change to white.
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    Explosive Job Gains Report Prove, Once Again, That Our Experts Are Fools

    Because fear sells. Simple as that. Remember the two million dead? Remember the country will collapse before Trump is sworn in? Propaganda is news. Fear is news.
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    On virtue

    How many times do you have to be told that in yours and others they all think that they have the virtues you think you have? The fact of the matter is you can no more prove that you have those virtues then anyone else. Yet you want to pretend that you have them and someone else does not. While...
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    On virtue

    Yeah considering Biden has obvious mental problems, had over forty years in congress and according to his account he did everything for the eight years of 44's term he doesn't have much going for him. In fact he voted to continue school segregation and his crime bill doubled the amount of...
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    On virtue

    Man you just don't get it. Do you have a mental problem? You made the op about you when you talked about yourself having this quality or that, when you talked about your childhood. We don't know you so we have no way of judging your qualities and if you are actually as virtuous as you claim. So...
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    On virtue

    Again short on mental capacity you made it about you in the very start of your op. Remember you listing all your story about playing ball and being a scout then listing your supposed qualities? So without being able to compare one to the other all we can go on is your idea of your qualities and...
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    On virtue

    I get that you think you have great virtues. But that is you. If we knew you there maybe no one here who would believe that you had any virtues. I have no doubt that Trump believes he has many of the same or even better virtues. If you don't see them that way then the problem may be you or it...
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    On virtue

    I have no doubt he would probably give you close to the same story you just gave. Just so very sad that you really think that you must list your so called virtues. It might have worked out better if you had asked someone else to list your virtues. But hey we can't all play the sub par genius...
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    On virtue

    You just have to feel so sorry for someone who feels a need to list what they feel are their good qualities as if they really are going to say look I am a piece of crap.
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    Who are the most influential American musicians of all time ?

    If they had lived longer Morrison, Hendrix and Buddy Holly would have made probably the greatest impact on the music world. Unfortunately they only had a smaller impact because their time was cut short
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    Gen. Mattis apparently has sworn an oath to a Constitution he has not read

    I seem to remember a time when the left demonized Mattis. Now suddenly they have canonized him.

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