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    The weaponization of law and order

    That's a sad reflection on Republicans, not an endorsement of Trump. Trump was louder and nastier than conventional republicans, and Republicans ate it up. I mean, seriously, what do you guys even stand for anymore?
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    The weaponization of law and order

    Um, yeah, actually. Being a good politician and being a good administrator aren't the same thing. But going back to your boy Commie Bernie, he's lost twice at this, he's been in Congress for 30 years and he doesn't have ONE BILL with his name on it that got turned into a law... But you...
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    yeah, but the problem here is that the Egyptians don't record them at all. In fact, there are very few references to Israel at all on Egyptian documents or monuments, of which we have plenty. I would love to have a bible land, where we take stupid Christian idiots like you and enforce the...
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    What the Biden administration will do-

    Wow, without rehashing your whole word dump, this sounds like someone who had no business being a cop anywhere. That he had some delusions about being a NYC cop when he could barely handle being a squirrel cop? Let's look at some of the highlights from your article, shall we? An issue...
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    it's not just Deplorable Donald, President Reagan should've been impeached for Iran Contra & other scandals, my friends. The GOP protected St Reagan!

    And again, so what? You know what, every aspect of Iran Contra kind of worked out to our advantage. Iraq's power was weakened. We kept enough pressure on the Sandinistas to bring them to the negotiating table and allow Democratic elections. We got our hostages out and all of them were...
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    Intelligent, Respectful Political Discourse, RIP

    He is kind of needy. He stopped responding to me a long time ago when I took a few of his silly premises apart.
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    Intelligent, Respectful Political Discourse, RIP

    No, Libertarians are children who think Civilization happens through wishful thinking. Mac is many things, but he's not one of those.
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    The weaponization of law and order

    Meh, not really. We actually tried that in Illinois in the Rolando Cruz case. That was a case where cops and prosecutors manufactured evidence against Cruz even though they knew someone else had confessed to the crime. A special prosecutor brought charges, and not only were they all...
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    Different Day, Same Stuff

    Because we are a gun crazy country and we've decided this is acceptable.
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    Trump is putting coal workers out of work

    Look, everyone, it's the "Granny was gonna die anyway" strategy. Hey, fuck Granny, Trump might get voted out.
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    Trump discusses John Lewis, and I'm just out of adjectives.

    Actually, what she said was that the riots are linked to the economic downturn, and she was right. It really didn't justify Congressman Yoho getting vulgar with her.
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    The weaponization of law and order

    That's not going to go well for you, actually. The place to address DA's is at the Ballot Box, not Federal Court. And yes, some of them did get voted out for not pursuing rogue cops... McGinty, McCollough, Alverez. First, it's not an either/or proposition. While I think we've done some dumb...
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    How do you not teach about the "supernatural events" when the bible is full of them? Come on. "Okay, well that whole thing with the plagues and locust didn't actually happen." Then you get into a discussion of how the plagues and locust were just 'natural events". Of course, there is no...
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    Can Obama be the VP for Biden?

    Put down the bottle, buddy. You didn't get the discussion at all.
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    Trump is putting coal workers out of work

    No, but if I explain it to you again, you still wouldn't understand it. The Governors DID do stuff, but since there wasn't a consistant policy across the country enacted early, you had gaps. Look what's happening now... all the states that didn't do social distancing and shutdowns are having...

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