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    POLL: Should the Washington Redskins change their name?

    Dan Snyder need to change the name of his football team to insure the profitability of his team is not affected negatively, that is it.
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    And there it is... Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmar bans buying US flags during lock down

    OK, this picture is to illustrate the you can not purchase a flag in Michigan. What store is that? , I contact that store's national company, and they will move those flags very quickly
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    And there it is... Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmar bans buying US flags during lock down

    I didn't vote for her, and I don't like her latest restrictions, but I get them. DIY home improvement is going hysterical right now and I'm guilty on my end also. I've been doing a lot of home maintenance / improvement projects in them last 2 weeks and will continue throughout the month of...
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    Why didn't you stay in Mexico?

    Saline Michigan is still pretty Lilly white, It was extremely white even thought the '90's basically a farming community and a town that looked like it was out of the '50's. That all changed when people figured out it proximity to Ann Arbor and cheap land. It has now grown into a more...
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    Nike Suspends Sale of Kobe Bryant gear on online stores

    The money grab is about to start, Nike reportedly suspends sales of Kobe gear in online store Nike Denies Suspending Online Sale Of Kobe Bryant Products, Trying To Control Resellers
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    Think Kobe would care if I was killed in a crash

    I agree they finally released the names of the other 7 dead who were not named Bryant this morning. Three more young girls dies along with Gigi Bryant, lives cut way too short. I don't dislike or particularly like Kobe Bryant and other than a very successful basketball player, that won a...
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    Judge Ken Starr just sank Nancy's "Impeachment of Trump"

    No he prosecute Bill Clinton for committing perjury, and for lying in front of a federal judge during a deposition – that is, contempt of court. That’s why he was impeached. That’s why he paid an enormous sum of money in fines and penalties. If he would have just admitted he got a blow job...
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    27,000 gun owners in once place...

    27,000 wow, Antifa and the extreme left obviously were wise not to show up with their piss bottles, bike locks and bull horns.
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    North Dakota Republicans block Native Americans from voting

    A tribal ID cards with a photo from a federally recognized tribe is acceptable to use as ID to vote per federal law. If ND passed a law to restrict that acceptance based on no listed address than appeals need to be filed. And yes I believe you need ID to vote. I don't no of any Native...
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    CDZ Rules for obtaining success in America

    I don't care if you are married or not. 4. Don't have children until and/or if you can afford them.
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    CDZ Rules for obtaining success in America

    This country is full of children that the parents are unable or refuse to provide for, that is why the state steps in. Raising children is a life changing experience much more so than marriage for those who want to do it well. Less and less of the self-supporting population want's to take on...
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    Do You Believe there are More than TWO Genders? My thoughts (Video)

    Here is my take on the subject.
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    North Dakota Republicans block Native Americans from voting

    I live in such a place, in fact voting day is kind of a community reunion once or twice a year. When I fill out that card step up to the person checking the registry they want my ID also even thou I know them. Then the initial my card, I put my ID away go to the other persons who I probably...

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