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  1. CremeBrulee

    How Ukraine "did not want" to fight so much

    Come on now. Those are pretty easy. I wanna hear the real crazy shit.
  2. CremeBrulee

    Zone1 my black ancestors sold slaves to white slavers but I blame the white slavers.

    I think this argument is wrong. The fact that Africans sent other Africans to the New World to be enslaved is besides the point. If we look at the numbers, it's pretty inconsequential as to who was sent where by whom. Overall, something like 400,000 (fewer if you consider what is today the...
  3. CremeBrulee

    A quarter of Americans open to taking up arms against government, poll says

    I haven't read through the replies or anything but that seems really low. Theoretically/philosophically that number should be 100 percent.
  4. CremeBrulee

    The Second Amendment Was A Failure From The Start, And Should Have Been Repealed 200 Years Ago

    Bbbbut bbbut it's all those people from somewhere else that are the problem. Chicago would be "mostly peaceful" if not for Indiana.
  5. CremeBrulee

    Helping poor people access healthcare

    Abortion deserts....bwahaaaa.
  6. CremeBrulee

    Zone1 Freedoms and Liberties

    That needs to be reiterated. Just gonna leave it there again.
  7. CremeBrulee

    Zone1 Freedoms and Liberties

    Given shoplifting a Twinkie is a Class A misdemeanor in the most stringent of locales, it is highly doubtful someone will get life in prison.
  8. CremeBrulee

    Totally 90's

    ladies loved Prince
  9. CremeBrulee

    Totally 90's

    Yep. Country was in there.
  10. CremeBrulee

    Totally 90's

    Aaand we fly back out to Seattle
  11. CremeBrulee

    Totally 90's

    Hi Tops and all...
  12. CremeBrulee

    Totally 90's

    Prob not the best musicians but hey... fucking 90's
  13. CremeBrulee

    That name and avatar is tits!

    That name and avatar is tits!
  14. CremeBrulee

    Totally 90's

    The 90s was a huge time for hip-hop too..

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