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    Year 20, it is scary what is really going on ?

    Corona is just the lies of the politicians that have transformed into a virus that takes your breath.
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    Flattening the curve

    I just put this cooking video here because there was no video of Trump in a car compactor.
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    Flattening the curve

    Enjoy this meal with Corona! Flatten the curve!
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    Flattening the curve

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    finally trump proves he was right about something

    He will keep all his promises on his last day in office. You just need to believe it.
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    Who is to blame for the spread of Corona in the US? Ask Trump.

    He feels this stuff could cost him the presidency. So he hopes to keep the impact at low level by distributing the blame to everyone. What about Maduro? Possible that he created the virus, lol.
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    Venezuela News

    A Venezuelan Su 30 intercepted two US airplanes.
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    We [Mistakenly] Believed Evil Was Defeated

    Good ideas get rejected or scooped out when they are from the other party. They seem to be more busy eliminating their "legacies" than taking care of actual issues. If I was an American worker why should I care whether my money goes to the rich or to non-citizens, to carrier fleets or colored...
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    We [Mistakenly] Believed Evil Was Defeated

    Possible, who knows. I think both are equally linked to the problems, though. However, misleading thread titles and simulated topics should be moved to the rubber room.
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    We [Mistakenly] Believed Evil Was Defeated

    Here´s the simple fact that proves your anti-Israel Obama story is made up: The OP already realized his article is out of date and things have changed. You, of course don´t. Of course it is made up...
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    What are You Doing to Occupy your Time during this self Quarantine Crap?

    All that arms wielding guys. What if that isn´t ultimate gay? You want the Corona Bunny?
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    We [Mistakenly] Believed Evil Was Defeated

    That have little to do with the Democratic Party in the end. Any pretext serves well enough. I don´t like the DEM either but not for the reasons you do. If they want more immigration and less security, that´s up to them to decide. They just should make sure they are not deciding for other countries.
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    We [Mistakenly] Believed Evil Was Defeated

    I will be your frequent guest, spewing obscenities and doing all the unchristian stuff.
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    We [Mistakenly] Believed Evil Was Defeated

    How does it come that all your "topics" are just rants against the dems in the end? Really boring.

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