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    Are Canadians Stupid? A 2006 article that illustrated how much Canadians dislike(d) Americans.

    Congratulating the Chinese leader for concentration camps is your idea of Trump "sounding the alarm?"
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    Fauci just doesn't get it! I guess Dr. Fauci was asleep when Trump canned James Comey. I guess he missed the sacking of Jeff Sessions, various national security advisors, military leaders and Secretaries of State. That in...
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    But, "We're in a good place!" And this just three days ago. The leader of the free world, us, is the coronavirus...
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    Trump Punches His Ticket To Greatness At Mt. Rushmore

    And this from a president who avidly and aggressively supports the confederacy and its symbols of failure. But, have to cut Trump some slack on that since he doesn't read, and might not even know that the confederacy was made up of a bunch of traitors who attached the United States of America...
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    Be careful confederates! Of late, with his poll numbers in the dumper, Impeached president Trump has been paying a lot of lip service to your beloved confederate flag, attempting to show he is one of you. But, does he really...
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    How devastating will it be for the media when trump wins in 2020

    T The same way you'll recover from whatever you're smoking.
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    There Is Evidence For God

    I'm curious. In all your hot air trumping religion over Darwin, where is your evidence, or, if you will, actual proof that "god" exists or has existed? We're talking courtroom valid, admissible evidence, actual, documented VISIBLE proof, not merely "there's no other valid explanation" "proof."...
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    Cancel the RNC Convention? If this article has a shred of truth and if Trump & company are seriously considering cancelling the Jacksonville convention, it is utterly mind blowing. After leaving Charlotte, because the governor...
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    Trump at 47% approval today; Obama was at 46% this same day in his term

    Rasmussen not credible. They are over the top trumpanzees, and their polling is loaded with pro-trump bias.
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    Forever VP Biden says statues of Confederate soldiers are unfit for public, they should be in museums

    Must have really hurt, like a kick in the gut, when you heard about Mississippi and their state flag!
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    Forever VP Biden says statues of Confederate soldiers are unfit for public, they should be in museums

    Amazing the support that confederate monuments have in memorializing domestic traitors who took up arms against the United States of America. They were too lazy to pick cotton, so they needed slaves to do that for them. And, so they fought to preserve that.
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    Trump's re-election is toast! The polls have Trump way behind Vice President Biden. More and more Republicans are seeing the light and forsaking the...
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    Trumps campaign team should be Fired !!!

    trump ain't no better; all he does is badmouth Vice President Biden and spew far right wing ideology and support Putin! Bigly!!!
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    Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Restrictions

    Nope! Not babies, FETUSES!! The utter ignorance of the far right wing trumpanzees is staggering! Bigly!!!
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    Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Restrictions

    Roberts keeps smacking Trump down. Thank God for him!

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