Zein Obagi - A Democrat this Libertarian could vote for

Discussion in 'Politics' started by eflatminor, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Henry Waxman (CA District 33 Representative) is about as bad as you get if you're a limited government guy. He's being challenged in November by Zein Obagi, who describes himself as a conservative Democrat...one that supports "the limited role that the federal government should play in business.". While I would argue against some of Zein's positions (like picking winners and loser ala "green energy"), I would vote for this guy in a second over Waxman.

    In California, anyone can vote in a race between two Democrats. If your a fiscal conservative, a Libertarian, or a Democrat that would just like to see Waxman go away, you might consider Zein if you're in SoCal...or not...no ID is required to vote.

    Zein Obagi for Congress - Vote for Zein Obagi for Congress in 2012!

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