Your no nightmare except to your Mother

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    I am an American born in America and live in America. I am not some bike riding tattooed braggart that claims to be anyone nightmare. I don’t own a gun but if you choose to go hunting with hand grenades and an AK47 that is up to you. I don’t have to express to anyone how hard I work because those that do usually can’t hold a job.
    I believe in freedom of religion and like Thomas Jefferson I believe in freedom from religion. I think the politicians have no business discussing religion. I think this country was set up to accommodate all religions. I also believe history when George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson said, “This country is in no sense of the word a Christian Nation.” President Madison and Monroe also agreed a long with Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, and many more. Now….I am a Christian and believe in the Trinity and know that is my religious right.
    I don’t worship or brag about owning, riding, or worshipping a motorcycle. I don’t wear some stupid hat act tough or pose my wardrobe on some motor cycle. I enjoy enough financial security I can afford a shirt with sleeves. I think by looking at the “NIGHTMARE” he might think the last words of the National Anthem are “Gentleman, start your engines.”
    I believe in working as I have at the same firm for the last 21 years after retiring from the military. I believe in donating to my church and I believe in helping those that are less fortunate than me.
    I and believe and I respect the right of other and don’t have to inform everyone that I am in touch with my feelings. I prove that with deeds.
    I think owning a gun is fine. If you just own one to be a smart American and you have to express your feelings you suffer from insecurity. I firmly believe that our military and law enforcement office give us the protection we need and deserve.
    I think if you believe minorities expect something for nothing you need to use the Dr. Phil approach and build a bridge and get over it!
    Our language is wonderful and I never have experience anyone at McDonalds who can’t speak English. If you have a problem with that shut up and go buy your burger some other place.
    Our constitution allows ever race and nationality in this country. The purpose of not establishing a nation language was not considered by our founders.
    As Thomas Jefferson said, ”We have in this country Christians, Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Mussulmen [Muslim]. I believe they can pray when they desire and I hope they pray for some of our misguided citizens.
    I think my heroes are John Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Audie Murphy and General George Patton.
    I admire the rich for their hard work and I help the poor when I can assist.
    I don’t have to bring up wrestling but if you enjoy wrestling and like watching it or going to the matches enjoy you rights to freedom.
    I can’t say who has been persecuted because I have never thought too much about slaves or witches. I guess if you think in that direction and can answer for other people, I can’t.
    I believe in majority rules in our great nation. I think our government is changing and I hope for the best. I do believe that if you are arrogant and tell people to go back to where they came from you need to think about this matter. If you want less government have you ever thought about moving to Somalia?
    This is America and if you object to our majority rule policies you might want to consider moving to another country. The house cleaning needs to start with people of the minority that think they are a majority. I am sorry things are not going your way. The White House is not our problem. People say they want to take this country. Who in the hell are you going to take it back from?
    I don’t think Jesse Jackson is our problem. People that wear crazy looking hat and talk tough and think they are the only American that ever made a sacrifice.
    Can I get a HEY-MAN on that one?
    I think the police officers do their job and respect the rights of ever individual. If some biker gets stop it’s because he broke the law. I am not someone who thinks the police pick on poor innocent bikers.
    I am not a person who thinks we are not converting to Socialism; we have had a small group of people that have been saying that since 1932. In the 1930 they were called the Liberty League.
    I think everyone should possess a form of a pictured ID. I think our currency is fine and we should run our finances as our Constitution describes and not the Foreign Investors like the Federal Reserve Bank; who is NOT Federal and has no reserves.
    I think every American has the right to vote. They have a voter’s guide at ever voting station. If you have a question asks the guide.
    I think if the fireman and policeman ask to fill the boot to help a charity that great. I am certain capable of say “NO THANKS”. They never make me feel guilty.
    I think it’s wonderful to have a child raised by both parents. This is not a perfect world we live in and things happen in life. Today 65% of all children today are raise by at least one step-parent. I know that things happen when you are a realist.
    I respect the American flag and salute it daily. I believe we should spend our money in America and not on the Israeli Army.
    You are only a bad American if you think you are a “Bad American.” I think everyone should be more respectful of each other rights and feelings and not carry a chip on our shoulder.
    Again…..who are these people going to take the country back from? There is only 4% of the Nation’s population that is Illegals. I guess we only want people who think their way and the minorities need to control the country and not the majority.
    I can say this with all sincerity I would bet there isn’t 1% of the U.S. population that knows who, what, and where their great, great, great, great grandfather is, was, and even his name. I hope if my relatives were in the war they did more than just watch their friends. I am an American, my father was an American, and my grandfather was an American. My grandfather was born in 1880 and died in 1932. He never saw a grandchild of his own.
    My father was in World War II. I don’t think my grandfather served in the armed forces. I do find it rather difficult to find someone who watched his friends bleed and die in all these wars.
    I was in the military and retired after 20 years. I was in Viet Nam but was retiring before all these other wars.
    I am proud to be an American. I think anyone who thinks about the minor problems has nothing to do but maybe rid a bike, shop for stupid looking hat, or cut the sleeves out of his shirts.
    This is our country not my country. I have severed my country for 30 years and love my religious freedom, the right to read what I like, and to listen to some biker telling us what it’s like to be an abused biker.
    I know from the social security that illegal do not draw social security and all the fear and hate people breed.
    I know if these few over the top select few ever take charge our right will be violated to the max.
    I hope that you pass this around and not let some sleeveless, bike riding Moron, with a stupid looking hat and a very warped sense of reality warp a few minds.
    I am an American and I love my country with a faith born not of words but of deeds. I live for our country on the promise of better days and better ways. I think we should all unite and not let some tough talk person, a tough talking politician, or a small minority creates more fear and hate.
    God Bless our Country. Don’t let a few individual tarnish our country. These people spread more hate and fear than anyone in the world. Please don’t disrespect our country or our veterans as the swords of our enemies lay rusting on the ground. Don’t let the foreign banker that run the Federal Reserve Bank repossess the nation from our children; the land that the American Veterans died in defending.

    American War Veteran

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