Yohimbe in Energy Drinks = DEATH/ Personal Injury suits

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    Energy boosters could be cause of heart failure : The Temple News

    More on Yohimbe: (a must read, for those who enjoy energy drinks!!)
    Yohimbe Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

    I want the corporate assholes to pay for not doing the proper clinical trials, or for not reporting their findings adequately. People are dying. Now I finally know why my son's dad died of a stroke at the ripe young age of 30. Til now it was a mystery, and we all chalked it up to him being a bit overweight. I personally even entertained the notion that he might have been using prescription drugs, and overdosed on accident. (we were divorced when he died) When we were together, he was completely manic depressive and I often had to "save" him from committing suicide. He was also Baker Acted about a year after we split.

    Now- I truly believe his death was caused by the apparent Yohimbe in his energy drinks. He was suffering from depression, so the MAO qualities of Yohimbe, combined with the energy boost that a fat guy in a registered nursing program of study who works full time would need- it only makes perfect sense to me. He was never one to use drugs.. Neither one of us were big fans of drinking, even. Mystery solved.. And now, this single mom of a now fatherless child, is WAY beyond annoyed. :evil:

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