yahoo I got my tickets

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    I cant wait till this weekend starting thursday.Me and my best friend are going up to new york to see yankee stadium before it gets torn down.we like to see all these classic ballparks before that happens.Hey its the house that Ruth built.theres a lot of tradition there.we went and saw Tiger stadium in detrot a few years ago before they closed it down and Bush stadium in st louis a few years ago as well.Now yankee stadium.The we got to tickets to see Hairspray on

    I love that movie.Its one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time.That movie had an impact on me last year like no other movie has in my life since Grease. I used to watch Grease as a little kid all the time on the VCR.I loved that movie.I used to pretend I was Danny Zuko and I would sing all the songs in that movie.Well Hairspray had the same kind of impact on me last year that movie did when i was little.When that movie came out last summer,it had such an effect on me,I would go down the ailes of grocery stores and sing out the songs of that movie.LOL.the opening musical song BLATIMORE just sets the tone for the whole movie.I knew from the very beginning of that song I was going to love the I get to see the stage production musical on!!!!!

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